Nothing bonds people better than an evening of good food, good wine, and great fun. Our wine experts will guide your team throughout the event and tone the activities to match their interests. Fun games and quizzes get everyone to work in groups and keep the learning active.


An invitation to a wine event is hard to turn down. Catch your customers’ attention right at the invitation step by touching their natural inclination towards enjoyment and discovery. We provide different formats and food pairing–following your needs. With wine as a focal point, a good time is guaranteed.

# Welcome your best customers and partners to strength your business relation

# Offer the opportunity to host your guests for an informative evening solution

# Lunch your new products and services with a great success.



Equip your sales/PR teams with basic wine knowledge and etiquettes. In no time you’ll find your team exuberate confidence whether in tackling the wine lists at the next dinners with clients or carrying out interesting conversations around wine at high-end networking events.

# Strengthen your company spirit

# Being more confident while entertaining your best customers



Your collaborators need to feel their place and recognition in your organization. While grouping them together, why not offering them some more knowledge about wine.

# Bringing wine appreciation to a different level.

# Enjoying a moment for celebration in a smart atmosphere.



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