Welcome to Wine Embassy


Wine Embassy is a dynamic importer and distributor of wine in Vietnam, established since 2012.

At first, a real wine bar has been open in district 1 to present the wine vision of Francois Carteau, Co-Founder of Wine Embassy, with one main goal: sharing our passion to everybody, indulge interest and curiosity to locals about the wine world.

Through Wine flights, Wine Courses and training and of course a lot of tasting, the concept has proven right and the adventure extends in 2014 with the first importation of wine from France, since wine embassy have grown and import wine from Chile, Italy, Argentina, New Zealand and France and supply the fine dining and wine-friendly places in Ho Chi Minh city.

Recently added, a brand new showroom with sufficient space for proper wine training, education night has been open, expected to organize a casual and interactive wine introduction evening for the locals and foreigners.

The team is composed of members from different nationalities: Vietnamese, French, American, Italian.

The Idea is to have a flexible business model able to adapt to the fast development of the surrounding city and culture.